Public sphere and private sphere – these usually contradict themselves.  Nevertheless there is a certain common ground between them - this was acknowledged by the founders of Silplast company, which, since its early days - which were 20 years ago, specializes in manufacture of furniture accessories. They may be found everywhere: from stylistically sophisticated offices to small, cozy kid rooms. Silplast interconnects the areas of human existence also due to the fact that the accessories such as guides, furniture pipes, profiles and aluminum fronts and other elements may be found in furniture manufactured by companies such as FORTE SA, Black Red White, Stolpłyt, Meblomaster, Strzyżowskie Fabryki Mebli [Strzyżow Furniture Factory]. The quality of the offered goods is appreciated not only by the clients in Poland, but also by the foreign customers.  You may find Germany, as well as Balkan states, including Romania, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina among many countries with which the Silplast company cooperates.
Market instinct is not the sole value that distinguishes Silplast. Silplast also constructs its brand basing it on the social responsibility of the business. Interconnection of two areas - that of the people who are physically challenged and that of the healthy people is also visible. 92% of our staff is disabled. Thanks to such proportion, Silplast has a status of a supported employment enterprise. Interconnection of these areas produces perfect results. This is proven by numerous certificates, including “Rzetelna firma” [Reliable Company] award, and distinctions, including the one in “Praca bez stopni” [Work without Steps] contest. 
The accessories manufactured by Silplast become the soul of the furniture. The objects become functional and human-friendly. This is a distinct feature of another dimension of functioning of the Company. It is focused on the customer, and the customer always feels important here. Thanks to our products the furniture space is well organized, and the fact that our orders are realized on time and in accordance with the top quality norms makes the communication effective and pleasurable. Offering our professionalism, we invite you to check out the catalogue and contact us in person. 

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